Subsidies for the creation of Wineries


(I)Purpose of the project

The key objective of the subsidy is to provide incentives for investments related to the production and trade in wine.

(II) Investment categories covered by the program

The financing program covers the following categories of investments:

  • Improvement of facilities, infrastructure, production methods and technologies of existing wineries
  • Purchase of new equipment (e.g. machinery, furniture, vehicles, etc.)
  • Costs for consulting services (e.g., architects, engineers and financial analysts). The consulting services cost should not exceed the 12% of the total expenditure.

(III) Subsidy Amount Categories

The ministry does not define a maximum amount of subsidy coverage. The coverage percentage, as well as the minimum amount of expenditures depend on the size of the company

The table below summarizes this information:

Α/Α Beneficiary Category Minimum Amount of Expenses Coverage percentage
1. Small /Medium-Sized Enterprise €10.000 40%
2. Large Enterprises €20.000 20%
3. Very large companies (i.e. > 750 employees and turnover > 200 million) €50.000 15%


(IV) Additional information

Total budget: €8 million

Commencement date for applications: 20/04/2017

Deadline of applications: 22/05/2017


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