Strategical Partners

The advent of the financial crisis in Cyprus has put individuals and companies under enormous pressure. Vast unexploited land areas in residential, tourist and industrial zones are now on sale. Profitable businesses face insurmountable loan commitments, problems of mismanagement and incapability to expand due to lack of funds and reluctance to lend.

In AFC our role is to collect and evaluate these investment opportunities and then promote them through our complex mechanisms to investors abroad.

A strategic partner may contribute to the development of a stagnant business through full acquisition, merger, equity investment, etc. Cyprus banks are always willing to reinforce with loan any attempt to restore a company back to profitability. Moreover, through proper tax planning the investor may obtain the form that best meets his economic objectives.

In order to approach strategic partners we take advantage of our enviable professional experience and our extensive international network. At first, we use our vast clientele, which includes both owners of investment projects and potential buyers. However, our first battle line is the constant visits of our professionals to international exhibitions and private meetings with business funds abroad.

In order to have your investment plans promoted, you may contact one of our financial advisors.