Real Estate Market Research

The property market in Cyprus lately has been characterized by high liquidity that leads in its turn to the creation of two opposing forces. On one side it constitutes a particularly fertile environment for investment opportunities while on the other hand increases the uncertainty thus leading to confusion and inactivity. The enormous economic problems of a large part of the population combined with the sweeping wave of foreclosures by banks leads real estate prices at particularly low levels (fire-selling) hindering the effort of the owners to sell their property at attractive prices. The only way for the owners to be able to approach serious investors, ousting the competition, is to provide full information on the investment opportunities of their properties. This will be achieved only through detailed technical and financial studies that shall reduce the uncertainty about the profitability of the proposed investment.

Our services are addressed to owners (natural persons or legal entities) of properties of the following types:

  • Hotels
  • Tourist villages
  • Office Building Complexes
  • Apartment houses
  • Shops Building Complexes
  • Apartments Building Complexes
  • Motels
  • Warehouses

The services that we offer in AFC may be divided in the following stages:

  • Collection of technical information from the owners
  • Make proposals for the forms that the investment under consideration may take.
  • Preparation of surveys and assessments through modern methods of cost accounting.
  • Search of investors abroad and professional presentations (Link)

Interaction with investors and financing

  • There is a huge number of investors, who set as a key condition for their participation in an investment to get leverage.
  • The business department of AFC can prepare technical studies that will help potential investors to obtain both a bank loan as well as grants from the EU.

Our researches include the following component parts:

  • Market research
  • Presentation of the technical characteristics (advertising)
  • Financial and economic study
  • Statements of account and indices
  • Comparative investment analysis
  • Material for presentations
  • Translations

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