Investment Projects

Cyprus is one of Europe’s top destinations for investments and entrepreneurship. Instead of hindering investments, the economic crisis of 2013 led to some unique investment opportunities. Through a number of legislative acts and transnational agreements, the government has established a most favourable framework, welcoming investments from all European and Middle Eastern countries.

The factors that make Cyprus a top destination for investments include the following:

  • It has been a full EU member since 2004 and a eurozone member since 2008.
  • Cyprus has a favourable tax system
  • It boasts modern infrastructure
  • It is a regional commercial hub in the eastern Mediterranean Sea
  • A growing regional financial centre in Eastern Europe and the Middle East
  • Highly-trained human resources
  • An energy and oil extraction centre is under development
  • A favourable legal framework for offshore companies
  • The wonderful climate is perfect for tourism
  • It is the recipient and provider of European grants
  • Investment opportunities due to the rationalisation of real estate prices
  • Limited bureaucracy
  • Safety and political stability
  • Denationalisation
  • A multicultural and multilingual environment

Additionally, in order to encourage investments from other countries and attract HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals), the state is promoting two programmes:

AFC Services

With over 30 years of experience, the AFC is one of the leading investment managers in Cyprus. We focus on the following sectors: tourism, industry, services and renewable energy sources. With our persistent efforts and unwavering professionalism, we have contributed to the growing investments and businesses by helping foreign investors and entrepreneurs make profitable investments in Cyprus.

The services we offer at the AFC are broken down into the following categories:

  • Collection of Investment Projects
  • Assessment and Research
  • Promotion of Investment Projects
  • Financing
Collection of Investment Projects
  • We are developing one of the largest investment project databases in Cyprus. Thanks to our vast clientele, we have direct access to investment projects.
  • Our combined processes allow us to access databases with real estate properties at bargain prices (distressed properties on fire sales).
  • We enjoy long-standing collaborations with the biggest construction companies in Cyprus and we always try to secure the best prices for our clients.
Assessment and Research
  • Using financial and statistical analysis, we determine the fair prices for the properties found in our database.
  • We provide comprehensive assistance to foreign investors who wish to compare Cyprus-based investment projects to other projects abroad.
Promotion of Investment Projects
  • Participation in real estate trade shows
  • Constant visits and presentations to investment funds abroad
  • Aggressive advertising on foreign websites
  • Partnerships with foreign centres of influence
  • Financial studies with regard to financing from banks and to investments
  • Finding investors for equity investments

10 Unit Boutique Apartment Building in Agios Athanasios in Limassol.

REF.: A0033421

The AFC through a financial and technical analysis assesses the function of the boutique apartments as a property management company. The project is ideal for investors looking to become European Citizens through the acquisition of an extremely profitable investment. The quality technical features, the macroeconomic indices and the organization structures of the property management company ensure the high profitability of the project.

Theme Park of Greek Mythology in Limassol.

REF.: A0033422

The construction company will undertake the creation of a theme park with wet and dry ride activities based on Greek mythology and history. Contrary to the existing waterparks, the theme park will be operating all year round. The project will be constructed near Limassol (center of Cyprus) in an already bought land of 60,000 sq.m. The project is designed by ITPS, a leading American corporation in its field that has created more than 300 unique theme parks around the world in the last 40 years. The park will be built by the highly acclaimed for their construction standards companies: INTAMIN and VAN EGDOM.

Commercial Building

REF.: A0033423

Sale of a five-level commercial property with tall windows in the center of the commercial center of Pafos. The building, constructed in 2001, has covered area of 1009 sq.m. and it is in an excellent condition. The feasibility study carried out by AFC reveals an extraordinary investment opportunity for third country citizens aiming to obtain a Cypriot passport through a reliable passive income investment.

Water Park

REF.: A0033424

An outstanding project for investors aiming to take advantage of the tremendous prospects of Cyprus as a leading touristic destination in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. The Waterpark operates in a monopolistic environment with very limited probabilities of creation of a similar project in the city that is located. The complex includes 41 rides (games) and other entertainment amenities (e.g. restaurants, bars, kiosks, souvenir shops etc.). The construction of the park was undertaken by the prominent company Raging Rapids. The architecture of the Waterpark combines elements of the traditional elements architecture with modern minimalistic design.

Two Star Hotel in Pafos

REF.: A0033425

The Property is located in the middle of the historical center of Pafos in western Cyprus, in a propinquity of the majority of touristic and archaeological attractions of the city, such as Tomb of the Kings and the Mosaics.  The hotel has 22 rooms and it can be renovated with funds from the European Union.

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