Private Pension Scheme

In order to maintain a high standard of living during the golden years, one must be proactive and prudent in his or her retirement planning.   Sadly, most working people underestimate the high expenses that come with age. Numerous studies have shown that retirement is usually accompanied by these types of high expenditure:


  • Entertainment and recreation (such as tourism)
  • Consumer expenses (such as buying a new car or a holiday home)
  • Expenses to support one’s children
  • Medical expenses
  • Expenses for elderly care (especially at a very advanced age)

A study carried out by company Key Retirement Solution indicated that the annual cost of living of a retired person in the UK is approximately £10,000 (€14,000), which is double the average pension.

Correct planning of your pension scheme using the PMP CFA method (Portfolio Management Process of Certified Financial Analysts)

At AFC, with experience in excess of 30 years, we offer full support in creating your private pension plan. We analyse your goals and your budget constraints and suggest the optimal pension options for your personal needs.


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