The international financial crisis of 2008 opened the door to a new era in the investment world. The turbulence in the money market has been transferred to the formerly immune banking system of western economies, proving that there is no place where the investors’ funds are really safe. At AFC, we believe that, with the right investment strategy, we can create portfolios striking a perfect risk-return balance. Our investment department works with some of the top investment funds and companies and can help find products suited to each investor’s particular needs.

AFC’s investment department offers the following products:

  • Fixed-income investments (e.g. bonds)
  • Growth investing (e.g. mutual funds)
  • Investments to obtain a permanent residence
  • Investments to obtain a passport
  • Private pension schemes
  • Education plans

Our services are guided by the following principles:

  • Highly professional portfolio management
  • Risk diversification and dispersal
  • Proper tax planning
  • Encouragement of a mentality to make savings
  • Quick reactions to make use of investment opportunities

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