Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a powerful tool in the hands of every family man and entrepreneur. Choosing an insurance policy is a very serious procedure that requires detailed study and serious market research. In AFC through our long experience and examining thousands of cases we can guide you in choosing the life insurance scheme that best meets your specific needs.

The importance of life insurance and the advantages of our policies.

  • Ensure your family’s well-being. It is the parents’ moral obligation to protect and care for the upbringing of their children until they reach the age of majority under any circumstances.
  • Life insurance is essential to secure bank financing for both residential real estate loan and the creation of a new business. The prices and coverage of our policies are much more competitive than those offered by insurance companies that have exclusive cooperation agreements with banks.
  • Protection of the prospects of your business in case of death. Life insurance provides cash funds for prudent management of your company until your children reach the age of majority.
  • Aside from death coverage, our insurance policies offer the possibility to cover expenses due to permanent and total/partial disability.
  • All our life insurance schemes can be combined with the possibility of investing in funds with particularly low contribution cost.
  • Foreign residents permanently residing in Cyprus have the opportunity to have their life insurance through Cyprus insurance companies. The main advantage is that the premiums are much lower compared to other EU and third countries.

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