Educational Programs

The greatest moral obligation of a parent is to provide his/her children the opportunity of a higher education. Education is the component that will help the child develop his/her skills and develop a strong personality that will enable it to operate effectively in an organized society. Higher education is the key to professional success and economic establishment.

Both the increased cost of studies and inflated cost of living in foreign countries are a hindrance to the university dream. Proper budget planning for the children’s education is a challenge for every parent. Experience has shown that due to lack of proper guidance, parents underestimate the cost of education for their children and they end up being unable to cope with the increasing costs. Salary reduction, currency risk, changes in the educational system and the scholarship scheme are only some of the factors that led many parents in debt or the abrupt discontinuation of their children’s studies.

AFC’s specialized consultants, through their extensive experience in investment management of educational programs, have proved that they can help with the appropriate planning of your children’s education.

The steps we take in order to find the perfect educational program for you are summarized below:

  • By using a comprehensive questionnaire we keep records of your financial potentialities
  • Accordingly, through a dynamic multi-scenario analysis we examine how your financial potentialities can be changed.
  • Finally, we identify low-risk investment schemes that will help you gather the amount required for your children’s studies.

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