Cyber Attack Insurance

Cyber Attack Insurance from Amazon Financial Center is designed to help your business manage the monumental financial and reputational costs that can result from a breach of network security.

How Can A Cyber Attack Impact Your Business?

Cyber attacking is big business and for your company it could be catastrophic. Whether your business is legal, medical, governmental, financial or even retail there is plenty of valuable information for hackers to steal or corrupt:

  • Patient medical records (for blackmailing purposes)
  • Client credit card & bank details
  • Employee social security/passport details
  • Passwords & website access details
  • Confidential emails, documents & contracts

With today’s technology and social media accessibility, a hacker can expose your confidential information at light-speed leaving you vulnerable to further hacks or in many cases lawsuits resulting from broken non disclosure and data protection agreements. 30% of all lawsuits in the USA last year resulted from “breach of information”. In addition, losing the trust of your customers can be much more damaging to your business than the financial loss you will incur from the attack.

 A hacker can bring your business to its knees causing untold financial, legal and reputational problems and unfortunately, your business and standard property insurance does not cover you for one cent. This is why professional corporations always ensure they have cyber attack insurance to protect them should the worst happen.

5 Famous Cyber Attacks

With nearly 300 million records leaked and over $400 billion lost in 2015 alone, even the biggest companies in the world have fallen victim to cyber attacks. Here are five which cost millions, not to mention untold damage to consumer confidence.

  1. Ashley Madison – Confidential details of 37 million users stolen
  2. T-Mobile – Contracts for 15 million clients stolen and sold
  3. V-Tech Toys – Details of nearly 7 million children including names and addresses stolen
  4. Anthem Health Insurance– Confidential information for 80 million clients was hacked
  5. Russian Banks- A cyber hack discovered by Kaspersky cost over 1 billion in damages

How Can You Protect Your Business?

For around the same cost as your yearly car insurance, Cyber Attack Insurance from Amazon Financial Services provides affordable and comprehensive cover for businesses in the event of an online attack.

Coverage Includes:

  • Forensic assessment of the problem
  • Crisis Management Experts
  • PR & communication for your clients
  • Fines and sanctions against the company
  • Legal advice
  • Ransoms for hacker demands
  • Computer hardware and software restoration
  • Data recreation from non-electronic sources
  • Third party liability

As 2012 FBI Director Robert Mueller states: “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be”.

Don’t allow hackers to hijack your business and damage your reputation, contact us now to get your free Cyber Insurance quotation.

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