Business Services

In AFC we believe that business ideas are precious but at the same time extremely challenging to become a reality.  Through our long-term interference with the leading businessmen in Cyprus and abroad we have identified the mechanisms that transform the rough ideas into profitable businesses.

Apart from ingenious ideas we consider it impossible to establish a successful business without the existence of solid corporate principles. Under the guidance of our business consultants we will guide you in building the practices that will increase the effectiveness of your business.

AFC provides a great diversity of services that are tailored to the needs of our clients.

 “No army can stop an idea whose time has come.”-Victor Hugo


Advisory services to increase the effectiveness of your enterprise’s mechanisms.

  • Improving the administrative and organisational architecture of your business through inexpensive practices.
  • Guidance on the creation of short-term and long-term goals
  • Expenditures’ rationalization
  • Expansion of your clientele
  • Elaboration of a strategic plan for advertising and promoting services
  • Installation of specialized software programs to increase the effectiveness of your mechanisms.

Detecting reliable strategic partners in Cyprus and abroad

  • The AFC’s partner network spans across all sides of the planet by facilitating the identification of strategic partners in traditional and exotic markets.
  • The AFC is behind the creation of international partnerships among law firms, construction firms and investment funds.
  • Finding commercial trade partners in developing countries.
  • Intermediary role in the creation of international consortiums and joint ventures. Particular emphasis is given to areas such as investment, construction, and recycling, green and renewable energy.
  • Active participation in commercial and industrial Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Cyprus and abroad

Exporting business operations abroad

  • Facilitate the export of business operations in new dynamic developing markets
  • We provide “know how” in regards to foreign legal systems and corporate culture in foreign jurisdictions.


Financing Solutions

  • We facilitate the securing of funding through subsidies, raise of capital and bank leverage.
  • Through our continuous participation in international investment fairs and exhibitions we search for international investors for the financing of investment projects in Cyprus and abroad.
  • Presentation of investment projects through individual meetings with investment funds abroad.

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