Business Plans

The process of creating business plans and feasibility studies is in the heart of the AFC Business Advisory Department.

The feasibility study is the “architecture plan” that records in detail the structure, goals and objectives of a new or existing business, as well as all possible methods that will lead to the achievement of its predetermined objectives.

In which cases is a business plan required?

  • Detailed business plan for obtaining Bank Loans. This guideline came into place from the time when the banking crisis started in March of 2013. The AFC was among the first organizations advisory services that gave the business world of Cyprus a vote of confidence by creating sophisticated business plans with the aim of business ventures and investors obtaining bank financing.
  • The capability through application, of obtaining a European Union Grant.

The creation of a business plan is mandatory in the majority of cases when applying for EU subsidies. In recent years, through active promotion by the media, the European Union grants have caught the attention of entrepreneurs, resulting in multitudes of applications every year. What separates a successful application from a failed one is the ability of the entrepreneur to convince and prove the credibility of the company’s plans and profitability, something which is only possible with a professionally written, fully comprehensive business plan.

  • A business study is necessary for approaching new investors regarding co-financing projects and for participating in new and existing corporations. In a period of prolonged economic recession, the sale of a business is perhaps the only way to obliterate debts. The professional view of this undertaking is seen as an attractive investment opportunity which is a prerequisite for approaching potential investors.
  • Regardless of the procedures for obtaining a grant or funding, the business plan is a reliable “navigator” for any entrepreneur who wants to know where his company is heading.

Why AFC is the most reliable solution for the realization of the business plan of your business.

  • Our valuable human resources. All business plans are prepared by a team of experts with a different academic and business background (economists, accountants, statisticians and business and financial advisors). This allows a multi-layered approach and comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the business or project.
  • Our experience. Our associates have been preparing business plans for a period of more than 20 years.
  • Each case is treated on an individual basis, therefore standard business plans are not used.
  • The most competitive prices in the market. Due to the nature and diversity of its activities, AFC is seeking a broader partnership with its customers.

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